Douar hafsi


Our dinner party, a major event of your visit, will treat alla you senses either with our dellicious traditional dishes, such as the genuine Tunisian coucous of the Sahara, or with our geat artists and their unique shows


Input food

  • Soupe Frik:The most common is the Chorba that can accommodate with meat, chicken or fish and, most often, wheat soup called Frikh
  • Brick Ton :The brick is the most known worldwide Tunisian dish. There are endless versions.

Plat principal

  • Couscous with lamb :couscous especially remains the traditional dish for the ceremonies. Berber dish of origin diffused in all Tunisia..


  • Tunisian pastry:Our Tunisian pastry includes both some culinary preparations, the art of their making and method o these preparations made by our pastry..
  • Seasonal fruit