Tozeur, the oasis of Djérid, the gate of the Tunisian Sahara is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations of North Africa : a guided tour to this green island at the heart of a sandy paradise is offered Being previously irrigated by many streams, Tozeur is an oasis which extends more than 1000 hectares and has about a half million date palms ; its first habitants were the byzantins, before the Arab culture could give it an identity throughout the centuries.

The architecture of the houses and souks in Tozeur are so typical and famous that it adds a majestics touch to the mystical charm of a city which has many marabout and whose intellectual influence has spread outside Djérid. Tozeur is also close toa number of other oases and famous destinations, and the starting point of the majority of the trips towards the Tunisian Sahara. Its sunny summer weather all year long persuades the most reticent visitors. Coming back to Tozeur is a pleasure that people rarely deprive themselves of..